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The Harborside Insurance team cares about you like you’re family. As the owner of the hometown agency, I couldn’t have it any other way. We love what we do, but we understand that insurance may be something many people would rather not have to buy. That’s why we have a goal to provide a great and enjoyable insurance experience. While insurance may not top your list of favorite purchases, we believe you can still enjoy the people you’re buying it from! Our business is built on the promises-a commitment we make to all of our customers and prospects. As a local business owner and life-long resident, I stand behind this promise. When you see my team live out this promise, or if we happen to miss the mark, I want to know. Email me at rich@harborside-financial.com.

Harborside Financial

  • Treat you like a member of our family. With that in mind, we will always try to find the right coverage at the right price (and we won’t fight at the holidays LOL).
  • We make sure that your coverage suits your individual needs.
  • We DO NOT right state minimum liability coverages! If you speak with our team they will educate you on coverage’s and why state minimums are a joke, you don’t want them you just don’t know it yet. If we can’t enlighten you and you still insist on state minimums you have the wrong agency.
  • What’s right is right, and that’s that!. We will battle adjusters, insurance companies, body shops whatever it takes to assure our insurance family members are treated right I have brought insurance companies to small claims for my client’s, and never lost a case (crazy right).
  • Here is the flip side of that coin. If I believe that our clients are trying to defraud the insurance company I will go above and beyond to help the insurance company deny the claim. I am a pit bull for my client when they are wronged, I use the same tenacity when I think there is fraud.
  • I promise we are not perfect and will miss the mark. Mistakes happen it’s how you respond to them that makes the difference.

When we have made an error we will take responsibility for it (we never play the blame game) and correct it. · If we do not meet or exceed your service expectations we will apologize, then do everything we can to correct your issue. In addition, we will make the appropriate adjustment to limit future errors so that we exceed your expectations. I have owned and operated my own insurance agency since August of 1985. My father, brother, and sister have all run their own insurance agencies. What can I say it’s in my blood. My current and past professional designations are CEPP, CSA, CEPS, RFP, OSJ, and CCIM. I have also completed multiple real estate developments. Educational Background I graduated from Hingham High school. I completed my certification as a Master Teacher in Youth Minister in 1981 at Saint John’s Seminary in Boston, Ma. I. I also attended Northeastern University and completed Certified Financial Planning courses. Additional academic achievements include professional designations for Securities and Real Estate licenses. I attend continuing education classes many hours per year in order to stay current with my designations. Personal Background I have been happily married to the love of my life, Mary, since Oct 12, 1985. We have two wonderful children, Megan and John, both have graduated from college and are pursuing their new carriers’. I have been a member of the Hingham Lions Club since 1979, a board member for over 15 years, club president multiple times. I am the founder and past chairman of the Hingham Lions club 4th of July Fireworks committee, an advisor for the Hingham Leo’s Club, past board member of Ma. District 33K Eyemobile. I am a member of the Knights of Columbus in Sarasota and a Member of Weymouth Elks since 2003. I have coached my children’s youth sports. I am a past member of the Hingham Rotary Club. My family and I enjoy volunteering together, boating, playing golf and watching our Boston sports teams win! I have also been a “foodie” for years I love to eat out and I love to cook we will be posting our best restaurants and personal recipes in the upcoming newsletters. P.S I could not survive without spell. Check out our newsletters there will be a word intentionally misspelled if you send us an email with the misspelled word you will win a prize.

Photo of RichardRichard Lamb

Jenny Condon, CSR

Photo of JennyMy name is Jenny Condon and I am from Weymouth, MA and graduated from Weymouth High School. I enjoy dancing and have been doing so since I was three years old. In my free time when I am not working or going to school, I like to go for long runs around town. I went to MCPHS University in Boston for Premed and am in the process of transferring schools and taking classes at Quincy College. I have taken property & casualty courses in preparation for my upcoming Insurance Broker’s exam. I love to cook and bake for my family and friends. My favorite holiday is Christmas, with all the lights and movies that come with it. I love my cat and Bella Lamb (the 10-pound Morkie at our office).

Claire Salinge

Photo of ClaireI am Claire Salinge, an engineer by profession, born and raised in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda and currently living in Weymouth, MA. I am married to an amazing husband, a proud mother to our new beautiful baby girl Athena Marybeth. Currently, I am working with Harborside Financial and Insurance Group, which is more than just a workplace – it’s like a family, focused on journeying and lifting each other both professionally and in other aspects. I have had the opportunity to travel back home in Uganda to visit family and at the same time continued to work remotely. Am so grateful to the wonderful Haborside family. Personally, I enjoy nature and all its beauty, traveling and adventuring, crafting, singing, reading and am highly motivated by learning new things, success, aiming for greater heights and family. If you want to scare the life out of me, bring a snake! God bless.

Emily McNeil

Photo of Emily

Sorlirio Pimentel

Photo of Sorlirio
I am Sorlirio Pimentel and I have been an employee at Harborside Financial & Insurance Group, Inc for almost 3 years. I am hardworking, persistent and dedicated to my work and family. I am a mother of 3, my favorite color is black and red. Pizza is my all time favorite food. One of my favorite animals is the tigers. I love spending time with my family’s and I enjoy traveling.

Bella the dog, CBOBella Lamb, CBO(Chief Barking Officer)

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